Friday 26

Friday 26- I did my stretches and ran a mile.
Today’s Weather was: Temps of around 43 and 66 degrees, SE winds at 4 to 10 MPH, humidity around 31 percent, mostly sunny skies.
According to the National Weather Service: “Saturday: Rain likely before 10am, then rain and possibly a thunderstorm between 10am and 4pm, then a chance of rain and thunderstorms after 4pm. High near 55. South southwest wind between 8 and 11 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. Saturday Night: A 40 percent chance of showers, mainly before 10pm. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 43. West northwest wind between 7 and 16 mph, with gusts as high as 22 mph.”
A guy called Mark came by asking me if I wanted to sell one of the campers I have sitting outside my place. He’s been living over by Winters Road and Lear for about two years now. I showed him my friend’s camper and he said he’d think about it. Then he asked me about my solar panels and I gave him the grand tour. I walked him to his truck when we were done and saw a white duck sitting in a box on the front seat. Mark told me that the duck is his pet and has been driving along with him since the duck was a hatchling. I thought that was kind of strange but cool.
I drove over to Mac’s to help him move a Harley off his truck; it’s a really nice bike! He’s selling it for his son who lives in Arizona and it felt good to me sitting on it. We sat for a spell and swapped stories and then I was off to Stoney’s to take a shower. Roger Smith was there cutting lumber for a rental house he is building, so the place didn’t feel so lonely.
I went over to Joel’s to get some wood to burn in my woodstove and on the way back I hit a big rock on the road and it blew out my right rear tire. I wasn’t that far from home and just drove it all the way there without doing any damage to the rim. I changed the tire with the spare so it will be ready for tomorrow and the rains if they come.
I went on my evening walk listening to an Astronomy Cast lecture “Ep. 171: Solar System Movements and Positions”. I had a carrot for Princess and saw a white truck pull up in front of Ginger’s. It was the Joshua Tree Water Department turning her water back on. His name was Dan and he lived out in this area since he was four. I asked him to tell me a little history of the area, I’m always looking for new stories, and we chatted for a long spell.
I read aloud from the textbooks: “Astronomy Today” more on the Moon and Mercury; “The Cell: a Molecular Approach” about gene function in eukaryotes. Then I practiced my guitar.
I watched “Aliens” (1986) one of my favorite Sci-FI movies. Then I did my stretches; practiced my guitar; updated the Copper Mountain Mesa Website and sent out the newsletter; wrote to my journal, posted it to the web, and called it a night.


About madgravity

I am just a guy out in the desert amazed at the things out here where I live, the folks I call my friends, and this that we call the Internet. I am excited to share them with you!
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