Tuesday 16

Tuesday 16- I did my stretches.
Today’s Weather was: Temps of around 42 and 69 degrees, slight breeze, humidity around 29 percent, sunny skies; just great weather!
According to the National Weather Service: “Wednesday: Sunny, with a high near 70. West northwest wind around 6 mph becoming calm. Wednesday Night: Mostly clear, with a low around 43. South southeast wind at 6 mph becoming west.”
The auto adjuster from State Farm came out to do an estimate on my poor truck. His name was John and seemed to be a pretty nice guy and spent some time going over the damages with me. I told him I just want to get fixed what the guy did when he hit me. He said that he might have to total it, but they didn’t go by the Blue Book value but what you can purchase one for off the street in the same condition; that made me feel better but I told him I really didn’t want to go through the hassle of it being totaled and have to deal with the DMV. He said something about the state law but he’d see what he could do.
After John left I lifted weights and rode my bike. I stopped off to feed Princess an apple on my way over to Stoney’s to check things out.
I went on my evening walk listening to Astronomy Cast Ep. 168: Enrico Fermi who was a famous physicist who worked on the first atomic pile (Reactor) and on the Manhattan Project.
I read aloud from the textbook: “Astronomy Today” about radioactive decay that is used to measure how old the crust of the Earth is (3.9 billion years). “The Cell: a Molecular Approach”, more about Recombinant DNA- Vectors for recombinant DNA (something to do with Plasmids), and DNA Sequencing. I still need to listen to the cassette tape for the Digital Electronic Course.
NOVA: Extreme Ice” came on PBS at 8pm and it was about the melting of glaciers and the ice packs at the poles due to global warming; very disturbing!
I watched “Hell Boy II: The Golden Army” (2008). I saw this one before too but again it was some time ago. Then I did my stretches and lifted weights; practiced my guitar; wrote my column for the newspaper and sent it in; wrote to my journal, posted it to the web, and called it a night.


About madgravity

I am just a guy out in the desert amazed at the things out here where I live, the folks I call my friends, and this that we call the Internet. I am excited to share them with you!
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