Saturday 23

Saturday 23- I did my stretches.
Today’s Weather was: Temps of around 34 and 51 degrees, NW winds at 8 to 15 MPH, humidity around 58 percent, sunny skies!
According to the National Weather Service: “Sunday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 53. Northwest wind around 6 mph becoming calm. Sunday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 36. Southwest wind around 5 mph becoming calm.”
Naomi and Brian came by with their two cute daughters to preach the word of the Lord. They are a nice family and I let them have their say; I’m not very religious and they don’t push it upon me. Brain told me a heartbreaking story of how his father was gunned down by some young punk about five years ago and is now serving a life sentence for murder. His little daughter said that she never got to see her grandfather and that kind of made me mad; I don’t like murderers and thieves. They take what isn’t theirs, even your life, and that is just plain evil! Sherry dropped by while we were talking and warned us that the roads were really bad going west on Winters Road; I thought that mighty nice of her.
After they left I went inside and updated the Copper Mountain Mesa Website and sent out the newsletter.
Ginger’s daughter Lola came by with all their dogs asking if I’d come down to help them construct a shelter for Princess their horse. I said sure but first I want to feed the dogs some baloney; they were mighty happy about that! Ginger, Lola, and I spent the next two hours digging and hammering getting Princess’s shelter together. I hope she likes it and stays inside this time so I won’t have to go chase her down.
I left there and drove on over to Stoney’s and yakked with him for a spell. Then I went home and did the same with my folks.
I read aloud from the textbooks: “Astronomy Today” about Terrestrial and Jovian planets, and “The Cell: a Molecular Approach” about cell membranes. Then I did a little studying of the digital electronics course.
I read “The Lost World” until I finished it late into the evening. The book was nothing like the movie! I liked the book better!
I did my stretches; practiced my guitar; wrote to my journal, posted it to the web, and called it a night.


About madgravity

I am just a guy out in the desert amazed at the things out here where I live, the folks I call my friends, and this that we call the Internet. I am excited to share them with you!
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