Monday 11

Monday 11- I did my stretches and ran two miles; it felt good!
Today’s Weather was: Temps of around 38 and 64 degrees, slight breeze, humidity around 36 percent, mostly sunny skies.
According to the National Weather Service: “Tuesday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 66. West wind at 8 mph becoming east. Tuesday Night: A 10 percent chance of rain after 4am. Partly cloudy, with a low around 42. West southwest wind between 11 and 13 mph.”
I heard that we may have some bad weather coming out our way on Wednesday and needed wood for the woodstove. So I fired up the Honda generator, got out the electric saw and cut up a wheelbarrow full of firewood from a pile of old wood I have in the backyard.
I did a few things needing done around the house and then went on my evening walk re-listening to the Astronomy Cast lecture: Ep. 152: Binary Stars. When I got back I practiced my guitar.
I went over to Stoney’s to see how he’s doing and also to collect my bag of groceries from the USDA Food Distribution that was held this morning.
I read aloud from the textbooks: “Astronomy Today and “The Cell: a Molecular Approach”.
6:20pm rolled around and it was time for me to be off to the Copper Mountain Mesa Board meeting. Board members Katherine Quinn, Steve and Mary Helen Tuttle, Annelies Kuiper, Rob Reese, and Ray Foyil discussed matters that keep our Community Center running while the audience consisting of Marie Morrison, Bill Treas and his wife Elizabeth, Chris Jonas, and I listened on. It was a good meeting and many items were resolved.
It was cold and I fired up the woodstove and read some more from the textbooks. For some reason I couldn’t get my feet warm, so I took the kettle from on top of the stove and poured hot water into a bucket and soaked my feet for a spell; it felt mighty good!
I did my stretches and lifted weights; practiced my guitar; wrote my column for the Newspaper and sent it in; wrote to my journal, posted it to the web, and called it a night.


About madgravity

I am just a guy out in the desert amazed at the things out here where I live, the folks I call my friends, and this that we call the Internet. I am excited to share them with you!
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